• Available 27 / 4
  • Available 27 / 4

Authority to Debit the Hirer’s Card

  • The Hirer agrees that by hiring through Argyle Hire, Stripe is able to save the Hirer’s payment details indefinitely with AES encryption which does not share any credentials with Stripe’s primary services. The Hirer agrees that Argyle Hire is allowed to charge the Hirer’s card under the conditions listed below.
  • The Hirer must call Argyle Hire on 1300678180 or complete our website off-hire form before 5 pm to OFF HIRE the equipment or the Hirer’s card will automatically be debited every Friday until off hired. 
  • If the machine is off hired mid-week the Hirer’s card will be debited on the day of off hire (if off hired before 5 pm, otherwise the card will be debited the following day and the charge will include the extra day).
  • If the machine is returned with any new damages, Argyle Hire has the right to debit the Hirer’s card for the fee of repairing the damage.
  • If any equipment becomes bogged/stuck, the Hirer’s card will be charged for use of a crane or any machinery to remove the equipment from the situation. 
  • If the machine is returned in an excessively dirtier state than when dropped off, Argyle Hire has the right to debit the Hirer’s card for the fee of cleaning the machine at a rate of $85 per hour.
  • If the Boom Lift is returned and any of the harnesses are missing, the Hirer’s card will be debited $350 per harness missing.
  • If Argyle Hire is required to come out on site during a hire period (except for when dropping off or picking up the machinery, or for reason’s that are outside of the Hirer’s control – such as a broken down machine), a call out fee will be debited from the Hirer’s card with a minimum of $100.
  • After the Hirer has off hired the machine, Argyle Hire is entitled to enter the premises to recover the equipment or charge the Hirer the cost of the equipment if equipment isn’t returned . Additionally, Argyle Hire is able to debit a “Failure to Pick Up Machine Fee” from the Hirer’s card if the machine is unable to be retrieved (this fee will be the same as the pick up fee).

Use of Equipment

  • Each person using the equipment is an adult, who warrant that they are able to safely use the equipment and they hold appropriate experience, licenses, and qualification as required.
  • Each person using the equipment understands that scissor lifts cannot be used on grass, unless specified as a 4WD scissor lift. If you are unsure, please ask our staff.
  • The equipment is only to be used safely (using appropriate protective equipment), skilfully, in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations and for its intended purpose.
  • The equipment is not to be misused and is to be returned clean and in good working order.
  • Subject to law, use of the equipment is at your own risk and Argyle Hire is not liable for any damage or injury caused by the equipment.
  • You must not modify, repair or change the equipment.
  • Subject to law, if the equipment breaks down, Argyle Hire’ liability will be limited to refunding an appropriate part of the hire fee or providing replacement equipment.
  • You must ensure that the equipment hired is suitable for your intended purpose. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel the hire of equipment where we suspect the equipment may be used for an illegal, anti-social, nuisance or political purpose.
  • Ownership of the equipment will not pass to you.
  • Equipment is not to be moved to a different address from where it was dropped off unless agreeing with Argyle Hire prior.  
  • The Hirer understands that, according to Australian Law, the boom lift must be used 4 metres away from powerlines.
  • Harnesses on the boom lift are required at all times.


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